What is ‘My Shed Plans’

My Shed Plans is a woodworking diagram program that has over 12,000 different woodworking projects.  It contains many plans from small projects like dog houses up to large diagrams for sheds and barns.

What are the Pros and Cons of My Shed Plans?


  • My Shed Plans has many pros, the first would be the price.  The cost of My Shed Plans is the lowest of the top woodworking packages on the market today.  If you are trying to save money this should be your first option.
  • Materials for each project are located easily so you are not spending money on unneeded materials.
  • They have a special guide just for beginners, so if you are just starting out this is very helpful.
  • They have excellent support and will get back to you quickly via email to answer all of your questions.


  • I only found one drawback, and it only concerns the professional woodworker.  If you fall into this category then the bonus materials that are included will probably not be of much good to you, as they are aimed at the novice woodworker.

Ryan Henderson the woodworker who created My Shed Plans has put together a complete do it yourself project planner.  The hobbyist as well as the experienced woodworker will enjoy the variety of woodworking plans offered.  The detailed checklists will make sure that you will have everything you need to make your woodworking project a success.

Beginner Alert:

If you are just starting out, My Shed Plans includes a how to course that teaches the beginner all the basic skills you will need to become an experienced woodworker.

My Conclusion:

Woodworking projects can be a great hobby not only for yourself, but for the whole family.  Building your own furniture and outdoor projects has never been easier.  Save time and money by building it yourself.  With My Shed Plans you will have the entire process laid out for you in a simple and effective format.  So forget about all the worrying and enjoy DIY projects for your home with My Shed Plans.