A Proper Band Saw Guide

A band saw uses blade which is consisting of the incessant band of jagged metal turning wheels to cu the material/. It is used in the woodworking, lumbering and metalworking but it might be cut the different variety of materials. One of the main advantages of the band saws is uniformly cut the material as the result it is evenly distribute the tooth load. It has the ability to cut the curved shapes or irregular shapes like jig saw and most of the band saws have the two wheels which is connected by the chain or belt. But some of the band saws have the three or four wheels which are distributed on the load.

band saw

Different types of band saw

  • Wood band saw
  • Metal band saw
  • Meat band saw
  • Handheld band saw

When it comes to the metal band saw, it is the ideal power tool and it is really helpful to cut the rough metal. Generally the best band saw made for metal are categorized into the two types like

  • Vertical band saw
  • Horizontal band saw

The vertical metal saws are mostly used for the complicated jobs like polishing, contour cutting and filing but in the horizontal metal saws are used for cutting stock down to size. The metal saw generally need an extra maintenance and it has some built in features. A coolant which is really helpful to keeps the blades cool and lubricated.

A wood band saw might be the popular choice among the professional woodworkers and the proletarian. When compared to the table saw it is the power tool for carpentry work and it is the versatile tool. Smaller band saws are used in the workshops and the timber mills are used in the large scale industries.

According to Best Band Saw Website a meat band saw is used for the carving and cutting the various types of meat and it is generally made in the stainless steel.  It is the favorite tool for the butchers and most of the people also having this tool at their home.

Safety guide for handling the band saw

There are different types of band saws are there and each is used in the different field but you need to know about the safety measures to handle the band saws.

  • Always make sure that your body and figures are kept out of the way of the blade.
  • Keep the wheel cover are closed if the saw is in use.
  • Try to use the blade guard and keep it in the safest place.
  • Decrease the feed pressure if you move towards end of the cut.
  • If you want to change the blades then switch of the band saw from the power source.
  • Wear the eye protection if you are using the any kind of band saws.
  • Try to keep your work piece contact with the table.
  • Use the push sticks which are stored in your miter slot so avoid keeping your fingers placed on the blade.


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